The part in Kitchen Sink where Tyler is yelling”Leave me alone” I’m like, I can relate yeah. BUT THEN
He screams “Don’t leave me alone!!” and I’m left speechless cause we’ve all done that. We’ve told people we wanted to be left alone, but really we are waiting for that one person who sees that we’re lying.

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featuring patrick stump
basically any songs and covers patrick stump has appeared on outside of fall out boy.

01. Dancing With The Devil (ft. Travis Barker & Petrick Stump) // Krewella ♦ 02. Open Happiness (ft. Brendon Urie, Travis McCoy, Janelle Monae, & Patrick Stump) // Cee Lo Green ♦ 03. The Last Hero (ft. Patrick Stump) // XV ♦ 04. Cupid’s Chokehold (ft. Patrick Stump) // Gym Class Heroes ♦ 05. Clothes Off! (ft. Patrick Stump) // Gym Glass Heroes ♦ 06. All Your Heart // Transit ♦ 07. Everything Is Alright // Motion City Soundtrack ♦ 08. Don’t Regret It Now (ft. Patrick Stump) // Tyga ♦ 09. I Stand Alone (ft. Patrick Stump) // Robert Glasper Experiment ♦ 10. Don’t Matter (Cover) // Patrick Stump (Originally performed by Akon) ♦ 11. Green Light (A Capella Cover) // Patrick Stump (Originally performed by John Legend) ♦ 12. Guilty Pleasure // Cobra Starship ♦ 13. Bummed Out Blues (ft. Patrick Stump) // Murs ♦ 14. Birthday Girl (ft. Patrick Stump) // The Roots ♦ 15. You’re Not In On The Joke // Cobra Starship ♦ 16. Life On Mars (Cover) // Patrick Stump (Originally performed by David Bowie) ♦ 17. Black Hole Sun (ft. Patrick Stump) (Cover) // Robert Glasper (Originally performed by Soundgarden)

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